Sometimes the boundaries in this life are so great, that we need the wings from above (heaven) to come down around us, performing miracles.

Sometimes “we” make the burdens in our lives so great, that we need to call on the power of the Spirit to apologize and repent, and then, to ask for the Spirit to wake us up, give us His great medicine (a merry heart) to oil our bones!

(p.s. if there are miracles, acknowledge them; if you call and ask, listen)

Jeana C. Anderson


Work, laundry, errands, bills, money, trash, in-laws, cleaning, projects, obligations, dishes, car, relatives, calls, commitments, deadlines, shopping

Somewhere in the middle of it all…

Work, laundry, errands, bills, money, trash, in-laws, cleaning, projects, obligations, dishes, car, relatives, calls, commitments, deadlines, shopping

There is a quiet place called LOVE! (I’ll meet you there)

(p.s.  a message to a Spouse and/or Almighty Elohim)


Titus 2: 3-5   Proverbs 31:10-31   Ephesians 5:19-33   Ephesians 6: 1-4   Matthew 11: 28-30

Matthew 11: 28   Isaiah 55:6 (7-13)   Ephesians 6: 10-18   Romans 12   Isaiah 55   Revelation 21:1-7

This bible study is for women who want or need to be motivated and led by Our Father’s Spirit in a fulfilling marriage, in their responsibilities at home, and in the potential for influencing others’ outlooks on marriage and home.  Our goals for the bible study are to direct and facilitate, allowing the ladies to teach each other, and allowing the Our Heavenly Father to rain down wisdom and understanding into our minds.  Our intention is to strengthen, encourage, and inspire your heart with the power of prayer, living, loving, and laughing!


Definition of Marriage?     

                50…60 years! WOW? WOW! Or WOW??!! How do you respond? Goals to reach for that golden and Golden and Emerald time of life!


Marriage and children—how does it fit together


Marriage and “Home” Training —definition—every family “home” schools (think about it—our KING commands it to be done, and it should be done, non-academically and/or academically!)

Dwellers of the Jagged Cliff:  a story of a kingdom and one area not safe; a story of the fathers who

                continued to teach their children all the ways of the kingdom, and the laws and work that each

                needed to do in order that they should thrive in unity and beauty.  The king proclaimed that the

                duty to teach the children belonged to the father of each household.  A satisfying and enjoyment

                came to those diligent  and obedient to the laws and works of the king, but destruction to those

                who decided to live on the edge of the cliff.  We must be earnestly training our children diligently

                and preparing them for their coming King. 

Is Anybody HOME?           (see article included)



                A happy homemaker, convinced of her importance as an individual and as a contributor to the lives of those around her, forms the backbone of the family.  And, in turn, good families contribute the building blocks of society.  Women in the home, therefore can exert a crucial influence on their society.

There are many find women in the world, but you are The Best of All…Proverbs 31

No other source, but (Yahweh’s) God’s word can the secret of success be capsuled with assurance or the results be guaranteed.   Women have long been intimidated by this chapter. In truth, we need this woman badly.  She holds the key to the very dilemma of our modern female lives.  She is not a super woman; she is a person of nobility, a teacher for everyone who really cares about what God Elohim wants for his daughters. 


Laughing Lessons (do the tummy yoga laugh—stand straight and tall, bend forward straight and put on

                                Your best cry, then half way down, begin to laugh, come up and feel good—never fails!)

                See the importance of a pleasant, good-humored environment

                Laughter can be and essential element in life (learning):  better memory, improves blood pressure,                       

Stimulates circulation, boosts the immune system, raises endorphin levels, exercises the lungs, Benefits the heart and respiratory system, Produces beneficial changes in the body that aid in healing people who are ill

                Use the fun that already exists in your life classroom, bring more joy into your life

                Combine laughter with learning and life situations

                Did you know that our Messiah used humor! Loads of it in the bible—do a study sometime.

                “Crosbyology” (Bill Crosby and his books on marriage, parenthood, and life)

                                Excerpt readings from the king of comedy (a great source of wisdom, wit, and logic)


The Power of Prayer

                A wife’s prayers for her husband have a far greater effect on him than anyone.  The strength of

                two united together and praying for one another is far greater than when they were separate

                because the Holy Spirit unites them and gives them added power. 

                How is your prayer life?  What is your attitude in prayer? 

                I Samuel 1: 15  Hannah’s quote:  “pouring out my soul to the Lord…”  do you do this?? 

                IT WORKS!  (My own examples included here)  ASK FOR WISDOM, GET IT!


How to be his Help Meet

                (note read from sister’s review of the book Help Meet by Pearl)

                God’s gift, A merry heart, A thankful Spirit, The Gift of Wisdom, Finding your life in spouse,

                Reactions define you, nature of man and woman, Divine appointment, Titus 2—all 8 points!


Seasons of Marriage

                The season of beginnings

                                Oneness, newness, first home, adventure

                                Challenges, learning differences, maintaining relationship with Elohim(God)

                                Wise counsel, new physical relationship sensitivities, good and bad habits

                                Handling disagreements, role establishments with wisdom, LOVE established well

                The season of the young family

                                New baby, big changes!, excitement, anxiety, fruit of your marriage, teamwork

                                “oh no, this is not just about us anymore”,  caring for children, true parenting

                                More babies and more challenges, overwhelmed, encouragement from each other

                                Security—assurance of sharing the load, giving each other time, “being family”

                The season of older children

                                Life choices, marriage teamwork, children following paths you laid for them or not,

                                More freedom, children taking on duties or family business, ministry helpers

                                Marriage stress or teen stress, God’s wisdom, press on toward the future

                The season of mid-life

                                “Empty nest” begins, hormonal changes, decreased fertility, grief, physical changes

                                Reassurance of attractiveness and Love, temptations, life achievements (outlooks)

                                Observance of each others’ changes—understanding and research, openness

                                Encouragement and understanding, I Corinthians 7:3 duties to each other fulfilled




The season of Grand Parenting and/or empty nest

                                Departure of children, searching for new goals and occupations

                                Find those common interests, purpose, goals, and activities together—rebuild

                                Helpful influence in children’s/grandchildren’s lives, interaction and support with family

                The season of retirement

                                New freedoms, more time together again, enjoying each other

                                Meaningful activity and purpose, activity level declines—but have reason to living

                                Make a difference in the lives of others


The final season

                                Delayed until old age or comes early, death acknowledged in many ways

                                Caring for one another, choices, call for the greatest love, devotion and self-sacrifice

                Marriage is by Elohim’s (God’s) design. He was right that it was not good for Adam to be alone.    

                We are so blessed when God leads us into marriage and the life long companionship it offers.

                The love, help, companionship, and encouragement received over a 50 year marriage is just

                Inestimable! What a blessing marriage can be to our lives!


Finally (quotes from a friend’s speech to our home school moms)

                Beauty and Creativity—does your family know who you are?

                                Your husband knew who you were before you were married—why? What made you?     

                                Your friends (and parents) know you well—what do they know? How do you act

and what activities do you do with them verses how you act with your children and husband? (this is all a physical thing, what do you like to do and does your family know?)

Do you know who you are? Are you Prov. 31:22   God has been creative from the beginning, a

                Father of beauty.  What are your character traits and gifts? Do you show them and take

                time for them? 


                The scripture shows that we are “individuals”, and Elohim works with us individually more than

                any other way.   It is therefore, NOT selfish to take time for ourselves and/or have your spouse

                and family follow your lead with activities and ideas at times—everything does not have to  

                revolve around what “he”/”they” want and need all of the time. Balance and Communication!

Yahweh gave us the freedom to be “your name” BUT with HIM leading “your name”.


What appealed to you the most in this study?


How can you apply what you have learned about being the best of all in your relationship with Elohim(God), your husband, employer, or others?

List the relationships you would like to change, decide what you would change.

Plan the first step you will take.

                You can move mountains by moving one stone at a time.



            LOVE--           think on this, embrace it, study it, and ask our Father for truth, wisdom and understanding, and he will grant it—HE PROMISES! 







Ø      Obey parents quickly.

Ø      Be careful with your words.

Ø      Name calling is nasty.

Ø      Rude words are crude words.

Ø      Pick words to respect others.

Ø      Helping others always brings blessings to you.

Ø      Doing for others is nice for the giver and receiver.

Ø      There is ALWAYS something to do.

Ø      When there is a problem in your way, find the good side.

Ø      Where there is a lemon, make lemonade.

Ø      Learning something may be difficult, but in order to learn those things, there are things one must learn first.

Ø      It is possible to move a mountain by carrying away small stones.

Ø      Accidents happen, who’s to blame (blaming game is not a game)

Ø      When another Bear gets something new, the Green-eyed monster makes ‘you’ want one, too. (jealousy and envy)

Ø      When cubs start to twitch or to scratch or to nibble, what they need is some help, not a lecture or quibble. (habits and tics)

Ø      Small bears get big eyes when they take off and roam, and sometimes forget all the good stuff they have at home. (blessings)

Ø      When small bears forget to pick up, store, and stash, some of their favorite things end up in the trash.

Ø      Teasing is not a good idea.

Ø      When Mama’s lab disappears, she has some special news to tell her little dears.

Ø      All soccer moms know it’s a new game, Bub, when a big’ol Papa bear can learn from his cub.


Do you see the LAW and LOVE in these lessons? They are written by Mr. and Mrs. Berenstain, people with an imagination and wisdom?  Look up the books at the library and see PBS for details on the children’s show.